Valbonne Consulting aims to safe pontifex from unemployment

Valbonne Consulting has reached out to former pope Benedict aka Ratzinger in order to safe him from unemployment. “We would like to make him a sincere offer to start a new challenging assignments with one of our clients in Automotive” a Valbonne Consulting spokesperson said.

Since the next pope-mobile is already in the pipeline as a concept car, the industry could greatly benefit from the pontiff’s opinion as a requirement engineer – while at the same time save him from unemployment. While Daimler and Volkswagen have both expressed excitement over the possibility to bring the former pontiff on board, Peugeot (an ailing French car maker) dismissed the whole topic as a faux pas.

Meanwhile at the unemployment office …


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Valbonne Consulting provides Research & Consulting for emerging technologies in Internet/Web of Things (WoT/IoT/M2M) and Emerging-Tech. We specialise in decentralisation, security and privacy. We work across a variety of traditional industry verticals (Telecommunications, Automotive, Energy, ...). We support Open Source and technologies built on open standards.

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