Lifehack: Unlock a fountain of creativity by making meatballs

My colleague who is working from home today just told me that she will be offline for the next hour or so to make meatballs. Not because she particularly likes them, … but because the process of making them puts her into a meditative mindset similar to prayer. Making meatballs is her way to inner peace and harmony she said …

hmmm, OK …!

I don’t put as much thought onto my inner health/balance as I should. But recently I wondered how to become more creative. It seems that the more repetitive and mundane a task is, the better the output in terms of creativity. The key is to completely let go of what you are doing and focus on something unrelated.

As any software developer trying to solve a puzzle or debug code can confirm: walking away from your screen at the right time instead of losing your head over it will free up mental energy so that when you get back to the issue at hand, the solution will come to you like a bolt of divine enlightenment.

Seems like making meatballs is a fantastic way of finding balance and create new ideas. And once you’re done you can treat yourself with a delightful meal knowing you earned it!

Stay tuned for more lifehacks coming up soon (such as doing the dishes or watching your laundry spin dry with a glass of chardonnay).

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