Steve Jobs is dead. Is the app store next!?

Whether it’s facebook, email, dropbox or LinkedIn, we’re already using cloud based applications (SaaS) for most of our daily tasks. So when it comes to mobile devices, having to download a 20 MB app before being able to test or use it feels kind of “2000 late”. And face it: most apps you download usually end up in the bit-bucket a few days later.

In my case I even installed other apps to manage all my apps for sake of back-up and to ease migration to a new device.

Firefox OS to the rescue! Designed right from the start on open standards like Javascript, HTML5/CSS3 it promises to revolutionize how your device finds apps on the net without having to check-in at a central repository controlled by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nokia or Blackberry.

In that sense Firefox OS is truly free and promises to be a great alternative to vendors like Apple & Google who have recently been in the press over either privacy issues or for not paying their taxes.

Here a video from mozilla about app-discovery

Being completely Open Source, developers love it like free-beer for more than one reason:

  • allows you to host the app on your own mobile website.
  • users can try the app without an install directly on your mobile site.
  • continuous deployment of corrections to your apps
  • use html5/css3 javascript to build your apps instead of bloated SDK’s
  • avoid bad reviews that tend to stick like a pimple on your app even after you corrected the bug.
  • no need to go through any app-store approval processes
  • no royalty payments to the app-store!
  • more cost effective to implement and deploy because if it works on your site it also works on the device.

Doesn’t the concept of the app store sound kind of “2000 late” now?! Please let us know your view in the comments section below!

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