Misconfigured US DoS website leaked classified files into archive.org

thiébaud.fr has recently pointed out that the robots.txt file from the US Department of State website contains a grave misconfiguration. A robots.txt is part of a webservers configuration and supposed to be publicly readable. It tells search engines which links on the site should (not) be indexed. But the configuration directives which were used in robots.txt must have […]

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mercury retrogrde

The Software Engineers Guide to Mercury Retrograde

According to Western astrology, there’s this thing called “Mercury Retrograde”. Before you dismiss it as mumbo-jumbo remember that this “science” is several thousand years old. And probably too complex for even software engineers like you and me to understand 🙂 During a this “planetary” alignment some activities (like hosting long meetings or code-refacturing) are safe, others are not. […]

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