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The Web of Things needs your support

Are you working on backend web technologies or in the embedded sector? I’d like to get in touch with a request for your expertise around some upcoming future-technologies and projects in the Web of Things

I’m helping some friends and long time Internet pioneers at the W3C bootstrap several open source projects in the WoT/IoT domain. The W3C urgently needs contributors like you who have a background in backend or embedded technologies and interested in bridging the areas of the Web with “Things”.

We seek your help on a voluntary basis to define upcoming open standards and kick-start open source projects so the Web of Things can remain free and transparent. As with any open source project, it is an exciting opportunity to get your hands on new technologies and standards at a very early stage. These technologies are already starting to move into production and will be everywhere in a few years. It is also a chance to work with some well known names who helped shape the Internet and Web into what it is today.

The Web of Things Framework is still at a very early stage, so this is just the time where we need people who understand the vision and want to play an active role in refining it.

We want to raise awareness of the promise and challenges for the Internet of Things, and the role of Web technologies as part of the solution.

The IoT suffers from fragmentation and product silos, the W3C is one of the few organizations that can define global standards to enable discovery and interoperability of services on a world wide basis. We want to extend the Web from a Web of pages to a Web of Things.

The value proposition is enabling lowered development costs and unlocking data silos by bridging IoT platforms through the Web at a range of device scales from microcontrollers to cloud-based server farms.

We will do this via a core model of services in terms of metadata, events, properties and actions, that is bound to a variety of protocols as no one protocol will fulfil all needs. By bindings, I mean how to use the protocols to notify events and property updates, and how to invoke actions and return the results via REST based messages for each protocol.

We can provide more info of what we’re trying to do in case you’re interested, please drop me a line via email joachim at valbonne-consulting dot com.

Also if you know somebody who might have some bandwidth to contribute a few hours a week or month please do share the info. I’d very much appreciate any leads and all the help we can get to keep the Internet and Web of Things as open as the “Web of Pages” is today.

Thanks for your time;


Valbonne Consulting provides Research & Consulting for emerging technologies in Internet/Web of Things (WoT/IoT/M2M) and Emerging-Tech. We specialise in decentralisation, security and privacy. We work across a variety of traditional industry verticals (Telecommunications, Automotive, Energy, ...). We support Open Source and technologies built on open standards.

Joachim Bauernberger

Passionate about Open Source, GNU/Linux and Security since 1996. I write about future technology and how to make R&D faster. Expatriate, Entrepreneur, Adventurer and Foodie, currently living near Nice, France.

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