Streembit: a decentralised peer-2-peer messaging platform for the IoT

Introducing Streembit: a decentralised, peer-to-peer, secure communication system for humans and machines.

The purpose of Streembit is to create a free, secure, decentralised, peer to peer, Open Source system that secures your real time communication in accordance to the currently evolving W3C’s Web of Things (WoT) standard.

You can have as many accounts on the permission less Streembit network as you want. There is no registration, no email address, and no personal details required. Instead of using one of many centralised corporate clouds, Streembit runs on a community driven, decentralised, P2P overlay network. Our system aims to implement strong security that keeps your real time data (live video chat, audio calls, text chat, file transfer) and your communication with Internet of Things devices safe from cyber criminals, industrial espionage and dragnet surveillance.

Decentralised computing and open source blockchains are supposed to be about liberating your data and transactions from proprietary, centralised systems. We share the same objectives with Streembit – To create a tool that liberates your communication and unlocks your data from proprietary, closed source clouds such as Google, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure or from the platforms of communication service providers. Users will have full ownership of their data with minimal infrastructure costs.

The source code is licensed under the GNU GPL and available in our github (we do love pull-requests ;-))

We created a Raspberry Pi binding to provide developers – who develop solutions for the ARM architecture – with a reference design. Importantly, a Streembit network can be created today, allowing participants to create secure P2P decentralised networks rapidly, eliminating the risk of a unique central point of failure, while also scaling to accommodate millions of endpoints in human communication and IoT solutions.

This solution is enabling value exchange on a peer 2 peer decentralised network, which utilises the concepts of distributed ledger (blockchain & distributed hash table (DHT)) to perform secure communication and auditing of the participant’s actions. Therefore, the solution also provides inherent scalability of mass numbers of endpoints without the requirement of a centralised platform and high associated cost. Streembit can operate as a public or private network of peers and/or nodes that can support device discovery in the world of internet of things as well as the interface to support human communications video and audio within a highly secure environment.

Streembit operates to a standards-based approach, which is also underpinned by our participation and published resources in the open source community. The system is based on open security standards such as FIPS, JWT, JWS and JWE as well as directly mirrors the incoming standards from W3C WoT. Please refer to our roadmap which describes the planned software development.

Streembit has a forum at so if someone has a connection problem the issues could be discussed there. The increased security, surveillance free peer-to-peer communication unfortunately requires certain configuration settings such as opening up firewall inbound/outbound rules and port forwarding (the usual tradeoff between security and user friendliness).

We try to explain in the documentation at the configuration, but there is a lot more work needs to be done in the documentation area as well. So if anybody has any issue it can be raised/discussed at the forum.

Current state: Tibor is currently working on some connection issues.  The app is operational, but occasionally there is a connection issue. An underlying Node.js library that handles the TCP connection goes to idle state from time to time so he need to fix that for the upcoming release version 1.0.8 in the next few days.

In case you’d like to get involved please contact Tibor Zsolt Pardi tzpardi [at] streembit [dot] com.

We’d love to see your thoughts in this hackernews thread – ask us anything:

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