mercury retrogrde

The Software Engineers Guide to Mercury Retrograde

According to Western astrology, there’s this thing called “Mercury Retrograde”. Before you dismiss it as mumbo-jumbo remember that this “science” is several thousand years old. And probably too complex for even software engineers like you and me to understand 🙂 During a this “planetary” alignment some activities (like hosting long meetings or code-refacturing) are safe, others are not. […]

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devops in a box

Is DevOps Bullshit?

In a recently trending rant on hackernews Josh Johnson pointed to his negative experience with the DevOps process after taking on a new job in a firm that had a “dedicated devops team”. The post is mainly a rant about “that devops is utter bullcrap” and any sane developer should run when they hear the term. My problem with this is that […]

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DevOps and Security

Software developers are “bonused and incentivized” for causing change. That’s how they make their money. Operations people inherit these changes and earn their money by maintaining stability. As change is the natural enemy of stability, developers and operations are natural enemies. DevOps changes this by harmonizing and aligning their incentives.  But what about Security? The recent “heartbleed” and “shellhock” exploits […]

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